Cloud solutions

Devising a cloud architecture tailored to your business needs

Wassily Kandinsky, Accent en rose

Is cloud still an obstacle?

You may have already designed and set up a cloud architecture or migrated some of your applications to the cloud. A few questions may, however, still be crossing your mind.

  • Does my cloud architecture strategy really suit my requirements?
  • Are all my applications suitable for hosting in the cloud?
  • Is it possible to run containerised applications in the cloud?
  • How can I protect my cloud applications against potential intrusions and data leaks?
  • How can I automate my deployments, and monitor and scale my cloud instances (virtual servers from a public or private cloud network)?
  • How to optimise costs and architect workloads with the most effective use of services and resources?

Wilkushka IT Services answers your questions and guides you in devising the appropriate architecture.